A.R. Editing Company

Why should you trust ME with your precious words?


From a very early age, the written word was something I thrived on.  I was an early reader and always had my nose in MANY books.  To this day, reading is a daily occurrence in my home, whether it is a blog, weekly grocery flyers, the latest fiction book from the library, or parenting magazines.  I cannot imagine something more worthwhile than being able to read the literacy of the future; your prized possessions.


I am a teacher who specializes in Special Education.  I have a degree in Child and Youth Studies (a blend of sociology and psychology).  I have additional qualifications in reading and mathematics.  I have taken courses on mechanics, specifically in creative writing.


My most important job, however, is being a Wife and Mom.  I have an amazing husband, Chris and we have two boys, Jace and Bo.  They are full of energy and fun.  Every day with them is a new adventure. 


I work quickly and efficiently.  Timelines and rules matter to me.  I bring all of myself into my work, whether it is at school with my students, or at home with my boys.  I will do the same with your work.


I would be honoured to form a partnership with you and read whatever text you want to send my way.  I look forward to hearing from you.



Age 9
Cottage life always included a book, specifically, Nancy Drew.